6 x Audi R8 Red Top Coils Set of Ignition Coil Packs Suit For Audi R8 Audi A4L A5 A6 A6L A7 A8L Q5 Q7 RS6 VW Touareg for Porsche 06E905115G 0221604800

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Audi R8 Red Top Ignition Coils Set of 6 Suit For Audi R8 Audi A4L A5 A6 A6L A7 A8L Q5 Q7...

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Audi R8 Red Top Ignition Coils Set of 6 Suit For Audi R8 Audi A4L A5 A6 A6L A7 A8L Q5 Q7 RS6 VW Touareg for Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Cayenne 95860210200

Package Includes: 6 x Audi R8 Ignition Coil Packs. We also have another listing for 4 x coils in case you need 8 or 10 coil packs.

Great upgrade for stock coils.

Replacement for 06E905115F, 06E905115E.

These coils are a common upgrade on many Audi / Volkswagen's and Porsche to fix well known misfire issues especially on VAG Turbo models.

These coil packs are a must if you are looking for greater reliability and performance on stock or tuned car. Smooth pull without any hesitation is what most customers noticed after replacement. 

Fitment included - Suit for:

For Audi   A4 (B8 2008-2016) 3.0T(50TFSI) 3.2L

For Audi   A5 Coupe(8T3 2007-2017) 3.0T 3.0T(50TFSI) 3.2L 

For Audi   A5 Sportback(8TA 2009-2017) 3.0T    3.0T(50TFSI) 

For Audi   A6 allroad(C7 2012-) 3.0T 

For Audi   A6 Avant(C6 2004-2011) 2.8L 

For Audi   A6 Saloon(C6 2004-2011) 3.0T 3.2L 

For Audi   A6 Saloon(C7 2011-) 2.8L 3.0T 

For Audi   A6L(C6 2005-2012) 2.4L 2.8L 3.0T 3.2L 4.2L 

For Audi   A6L(C7 2011-) 2.5L(30FSI) 2.8L(35FSI) 3.0T(45TFSI) 3.0T(50TFSI) 

For Audi   A7(4G8 2010-) 2.5L(30FSI)  2.8L  2.8L(35FSI) 3.0T 3.0T(50TFSI) 

For Audi   A8L(D3 2002-2010) 2.8L 3.2L 4.2L 

For Audi   A8L(D4 2010-) 2.5L(30FSI) 3.0T3.0T(45TFSI) 3.0T(50TFSI) 4.2L 

For Audi   Q5(8R 2009-) 3.0T(45TFSI) 3.2L 

For Audi   Q7(4L 2006-2016) 3.0T 3.0T(35TFSI) 3.0T(40TFSI) 4.2L

For Audi   Q7(4M 2015-) 3.0T(45TFSI) 3.0T(55TFSI) 

For Audi   R8 Spyder  Convertible(42 2006-2015)   4.2L 5.2L 

For Audi   R8 (42 2006-2015) 4.2L 5.2L 

For Audi   RS6 Avant(C6 2008-2010) 5.0T 

For Audi   S4 Avant(B8 2009-) 3.0T 

For Audi   S5 Cabriolet(8F7 2009-2017) 3.0T 

For Audi   S5 Cabriolet(USA)(8F7 2009-2017) 3.0T 

For Audi   S5 Coupe(8T3 2007-2017) 3.0T 4.2L 

For Audi   S5 Coupe(USA)(8T3 2007-2017) 3.0T 

For Audi   S5 Sportback(8TA 2009-2017) 3.0T 

For Audi   S5 Sportback(USA)(8TA 2009-2017) 3.0T 

For Audi   S6(C6 2006-2011) 5.2L 

For Audi   S8(D3 2006-2010) 5.2L 

For Audi   SQ5(8R 2013-)    3.0T 

For Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid(970 2013-2016) 3.0T-Hybrid

For Porsche Panamera S Hybrid(970 2011-2013) 3.0T-Hybrid 

For Porsche Cayenne(92A 2011-) 3.0T 

For Porsche Cayenne S(92A 2010-) 3.0T-Hybrid

For Volkswagen Touareg(7L 2002-2010) 4.2L 

For Volkswagen Touareg (7P 2010-) 3.0T 3.0T-Hybrid  4.2L 

For Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe 5.0L 5.2L

For Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder 5.0L 5.2L

For Lamborghini Huracan 5.2L

Manufacturer Part #:


Alternate or replacement for Manufacturer Part #:

Car Manufacturer OE #:
958 602 102 00 (Compatible with Porsche) 95860210200
06E 905 115 F (Compatible with Audi - Volkswagen)

Alternate or replacement for Car Manufacturer OE #:
06E 905 115 E (Audi - Volkswagen)
06E 905 115 C (Audi - Volkswagen)
06E 905 115 A (Audi - Volkswagen)
06E 905 115 D (Audi - Volkswagen)
06D 905 115 G (Audi - Volkswagen)
06E 905 115 (Audi - Volkswagen)
958 602 102 01 (Porsche)

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